Now certified in Precision NeuroMuscular Therapy (PNMT).  I graduated from Professional Massage Training Center's 900 hour clinical program in June 2015 and have completed the five Precision Neuro-Muscular Therapy training seminars.  PMTC's...


Are you in pain and can't seem to get any relief?  Is it better or worse with a certain movement, position, or activity?  If so, I may be able to help.  Precision Neuro-Muscular Therapy (PNMT) uses clinical reasoning based on observable evidence to assess and treat pain.  Clinical massage is my focus and I am now certified in PNMT.  I am also certified in kinesion taping and have advanced training in Thai massage which improves flexibility and circulation.

Body Mechanics is located inside the Quail Creek Plaza shopping center on west Republic road between Campbell and Kansas Expressway.  We offer on-site services at your home or business for convenience and in-office services for the best value.  We also offer chair massage events for businesses and large groups with 10 or more therapists.